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Are Facebook and Nielsen missing the point?

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Having finally decided to put Beacon into the deadpool, Facebook have announced that they will partner with Neilsen for analytics measurement of advertising on the site. The first product, Brandlift, “measures aided awareness, ad recall, message association, brand favorability, and purchase consideration via a set of short one- or two-question online surveys.”

I am slightly confused by this approach. Nielsen is a big, big research player and they have some very cool tools to monitor social media (BuzzMetrics) in real time, so why would they focus on conducting polls to see what users think of the display ads. Let me save you some time – “I don’t notice them…” , “I only click on them by a mistake…”, “I have disabled the ads on Firefox…”, “ They are irrelevant…” “they piss me off…” etc..

If Facebook have made $500m this year from display, surely they are doing a good job already in convincing advertisers that FB is a viable platform? Or is this a play for the bigger, more precious brands to convince them that they should move or increase their spend with Facebook?

I am not keen on display advertising. I agree it still has a role to play in the awareness part of the ‘sales funnel’ but that is about it and it certainly is largely ineffective in social communities. I can’t help thinking Nielsen and FB have missed an opportunity here. Rather than flogging the dead horse that is display advertising, why not focus on gleaning actionable insight into the conversations on FB and peddling that to the big brands?

Because the monitoring software can only access public pages and Facebook would never get away with giving Nielsen access to private pages or conversations, where the real value is?

Is this why Twitter and comments and forums will always be better for real time commercial engagement than Facebook?

Is being a walled garden going to ultimately harm Facebook’s revenue potential as users will never allow brands into their private world and will not engage with display ads?

Interesting times?